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Hayley Maureen Interior Design is an accomplished design practice specializing

in the modern interior. 



We are committed to breathing new life into

every project, from homes to offices and hospitality spaces. Whether we are updating individual rooms or bringing entire renovations to life, our commitment to timeless design can enhance an environment of any size. 




Hayley's passion for interior design traces back to the second grade. Once inked in her journal, she began her journey by earning a degree in Interior Design from Miami University and starting a career in Chicago’s renowned and competitive design community. 


Today she is the proud owner of Hayley Maureen Interior Design, an accomplished design firm committed to making dreams take shape. Hayley finds inspiration in her clients’ personalities and life stories and is sought just as much for her design acumen as her shrewdness and honesty. 



Outside of her design world, Hayley keeps

herself busy with her family, her retired racing greyhounds, and chasing a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Portrait by Cassie Rosch

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Whether we are working on a home or a business, we want every project to be engaging, interactive, and most importantly, enjoyable. 


Hayley Maureen Interior Design guides our clients through each step of the design process, from visioning through construction and accessorizing - we personalize the experience from the first conversation. 


Creating a space that represents who you are and how you live, work and play is our ultimate goal.


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